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Overheard in the Earlymorning Bedroom on Bloomsday

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A half-hour before stately, plump Buck Mulligan would be descending anything, somewhere under the snotgreen bedsheets, she says –

“Say, could you open a window when you fry up those kidneys?”

He is adjusting the stays in his shirt collar. “Miao.”


“There’s a k in there somewhere, I think.” Pause. He sits on the bed and she moves her leg. Just like every morning. “Miakow?”

“Something like that.”

“Are you getting up?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Well, that’s appropriate.”

Kiss. She rolls over, stretches her arms, pictures a white nightgown and fifty extra pounds on herself. Is Molly fat in the book? Molly is always fat when she thinks of her. “Yeah, listen, I’m having a guest over later, so don’t come home early, okay?”

“Oh, you’re funny.”

“Have a good day, Mr. Bloom.”

“You, too, Mrs. Bloom.”

Probably wouldn’t have taken his name otherwise. The entire day will pass relative to that intimidating paper contraption, just as it does every year. In an hour, she will wake up again. In an hour after that, Stephen will deliver a soliloquy, will refer to the nightmare from which he trying to awake. She will eat at the same time as Leo, read the news while the headlines intrude in Aeolus. Maybe she’ll blast the stereo at four.

This? Right now and a century ago? Three p.m. is my favorite episode, the labyrinth. Tricky.


Written by Raina

June 16, 2008 at 3:04 pm

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